Flexible Pipes

Technical specifications
Flex air ducts have great advantages against aluminum flexible ducts, which are a source of sound, capable of collecting dirt and have high pressure loss, with their sound damping properties, dirt-free and low pressure losses.

Uninsulated ducts are made of special polyester material. The inner wall of the insulated ducts is covered with polsyester and there are 3 cm. There is glass wool insulation. Aluminum foil with outer coating or polyester ones are available.

Test pressures = 250 mmSS
Maximum usage pressure = 150 mmSS Operating Temperature Range = -30 ° C to 120 ° C Channels start to melt at 148 ° C without burning without burning. They do not emit toxic gases as a result of melting. They can be used in all air conditioning and ventilation installations.

Standard Diameters: 4 “(ø102mm), 5” (ø127 mm), 6 “(ø152 mm) 7” (ø180 mm), 8 “(ø203 mm), 9” (ø229 mm) 10 “(ø254 mm), 12 “(ø305 mm), 14” (ø355 mm)